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Wild Wes

Hi, My name is Wes Adkins aka "Wild Wes." I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I earned an Associate Degree in Visual Communications. My background in painting started when I was a child. I worked for my father in his small paint shop. There I learned the body and restoration trade while working by his side on many show cars and customs.

I began painting when I was only 12 years old with my fathers guidance. I perfected my skills and painted many award winning show cars by the time I was 18. Pinstriping and lettering are skills I taught myself with a lot of practice and some advice from other local pinstripers. I have gained experience in many areas over the last 25 years.

After graduating from A.I.P. in 1994 I immediately started my own business painting, pinstriping, and lettering. I worked out of my shop in East Canton, Ohio for about 10 years. The work began to spread across the country. I spent a few years traveling west to paint for other builders and landed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I was involved in building and painting many show cars for the SEMA show and decided to open a shop there. That is how Sin City Kustomz was born. After 3 successful years located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, my crew and I decided it was time to return home to be near family and friends. I gained recognition nationwide and still travel to some of the best customizing shops in the country and paint for them.

My shop in Dover, Ohio is a small one where quality is always a priority. I give each job individual attention to achieve the best results possible.

"I take great pride in my work and have a love for hot rods, bikes, and art. I enjoy what I do and I am always striving to be one of America’s best customizers." -Wild Wes


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*Service Policy

In my shop, quality matters. Billable hours include set up and clean up time, time spent calling for or tracking parts and supplies. No work will start without deposit. (Estimate 1/2 down or requested amount on larger projects.) Payments on larger Projects are to be made every two weeks or as needed. If payment is late, storage charges will be added if no prior arrangements have been made. If completed projects are not picked up or paid in full within 30 days of notification of completion, legel action will be taken and items will be sold for balance due and/or storage fees. This includes: cars, motorcycles, parts, etc. All work done is subject to Ohio sales tax (6.75%). This may not be included on your estimate and will be added as necessary. Absolutely nothing released until paid in full. You are responsible for insuring your property left in my possession. My insurance does not cover your items for fire damage or theft.