Trick Flow® GenX® 225 Cylinder Heads for GM LS2 TFS-30610001-C02, TFS-3061T001-C02,TFS-3061B001-C02


Trick Flow GenX® 225 cathedral port cylinder heads are fully CNC-machined to significantly increase the performance of 6.0L LS2 engines. Trick Flow engineers altered the valve angles from 15° to 13.5° to decrease valve shrouding, increase mid-lift airflow, and improve rocker arm-to-valve cover clearance. Top-of-the-line CNC Competition Ported runners have a premium high resolution surface finish for maximum flow and performance. The spark plugs were relocated in the CNC-profiled combustion chambers to enhance mid-lift airflow and increase the rigidity of the casting for extreme horsepower applications. Material was added at the rocker arm mounting points to increase high-rpm valvetrain stability. Trick Flow GenX 225 cylinder heads are available fully assembled or as bare castings.

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Titanium, Chromoly Steel, Bare


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