ARP-K-GMLS-C10: Kit will mount on a LS power plant in a C10 Chevy Truck. . Includes Supercharger, pulleys, brackets, hardware, belt, air filter, blow off, tubes and hoses. This kit DOES NOT come with injectors or tune. $3800.00

*If running a carburetor set up, you will need a blow thru carburetor.

All Kits are set up for hot air. They do have a bung in the tube for water meth injection

Torqstorm® Billet Superchargers

Basic forced induction guidelines for carbureted systems
Our supercharger systems are designed for 6-10 psi boost range
Forged pistons are preferred for all boosted applications
Cast or Hypereutectic pistons may be used below 500hp and low boost applications
Compression ratio of 9:1 to 9:5.1 is ideal for boost levels of 6-8 psi on pump gas 91-93 Octane
Lobe separation of 112 to 116 degrees split pattern works best contact your favorite Cam grinder for best results
Fuel pump requirements for carbureted systems ,must be capable of supplying the proper amount of fuel at maximum operating pressure , add your idle fuel pressure to your maximum boost pressure for the max fuel pressure needed under boost. (If your idle setting is 8 and your maximum boost is 8 , your maximum fuel pressure needed is 16 PSI)
When using a carburetor with forced induction you will need a blow thru carb.We offer Holley Mighty Demon carbs set up from the factory for blow thru in cfm ratings of 650,750,850
650 CFM Part number 5282020BT
750 CFM Part number 5402020BT
850 CFM Part number 5563020BT
Must use a Carbureted boost reference fuel pressure regulator with a 1:1 rise ratio
Headers are recommended for maximum performance
Will work with single or dual plane intake manifolds, (You will build more torque with the dual plane design)
We recommend using a Ignition control with an adjustable boost timing retard to prevent detonation. The MSD BTM is a very nice system Part number 6462

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