Category: NEWS - Year: 2018

2018 SEMA Update

Published on 9/7/2018

Don't underestimate what most people considered just a paint shop. Check out all the custom fabrication by Wild Wes Hot Rod Factory on this build....Continue Reading

1956 Ford SEMA Update

Published on 8/17/2018

Progress continues on our 1956 Ford Victoria project for SEMA. Hand fabricated floor boards and transmission tunnel have been installed along with a custom firewall...Continue Reading

56 Ford SEMA Project Progress

Published on 7/4/2018

Fabrication and mock up continue at Wild Wes Hot Rod Factory on the 56 Ford. Detroit Speed X-Gen 595 front suspension installed on the custom...Continue Reading

May 2, 2018 Progress of the 56 Ford for SEMA

Published on 5/2/2018

The shop has been packed full and non stop busy lately but I wanted to get in a little update on this years SEMA project....Continue Reading